The Tiro Process

Here’s a look at a typical journey for aspiring apprentices

Decide what you want to do

Take a look at the programmes we offer. This explains the training portion of each apprenticeship. 

Are you a scientist or a techie? Which one fires you up and fascinates you? 

Decide which programme interests you, and what kind of employer you’d like to work for. 

Then keep an eye on our opportunities page – and other providers too – and check out any suitable job descriptions. Then get ready to apply.

If it feels right, click apply. At this stage, we’re only capturing basic information to check you’re eligible. 

Current Vacancies Our Programmes

Our Programmes


Degree Materials Science Technologist

  • Applied Materials Science Degree
  • 4 Years
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Degree Laboratory Bioscientist

  • Applied Bioscience Degree
  • 4 Years
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Degree Laboratory Chemical Scientist

  • Applied Chemical Sciences Degree
  • 4 Years
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Talk to Tiro 

We’ll strive to talk to you within the next 48 hours. Expect to chat for about 45 minutes, and be sure to prepare to make sure you’re all set to impress us. 

We’ll get to know you better, delve into your motivations and behaviours, and explore why you want to become an apprentice. To succeed in your apprenticeship, you’ll need bags of enthusiasm, be a fantastic collaborator and hungry to learn! 

Daniel Whitehead – Laboratory Technician Apprentice

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Andrew Pearse – Laboratory Technician

I would recommend doing an apprenticeship if you are a hands-on learner, as every day you’ll be getting stuck into the job you are here to do while learning and gaining qualifications.

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Bryony Davies – Lab Technician

My apprenticeship will help me with this as it is providing me with the knowledge I require to progress in the scientific community. It also boosts my confidence and teaches me how to interact with people as a professional, as well as enabling me to learn laboratory skills along the way.

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Get ready for your interview

After our call, if we think you’re a great match and it’s a win-win, we’ll champion you to the employer and make sure you have what it takes to smash the interview!  

We’ll set up the interview as quickly as possible, and help you to prepare.

The process from here varies according to the role and the employer, we will make sure you know what to expect, and share any useful interview tips to improve your chances. 

Remember that this is your chance to ask the employer questions too. It’s as much about you choosing them as them choosing you. 

We’ll check in with you shortly before your interview to answer any last minute questions and help with any nerves, and again afterwards to find out how it went.

Look forward to your trial day

Some employers might invite you for a trial day as well as an interview. 

Whereas the interview will be a more formal discussion, a trial day is more practical. These are a great opportunity to go on site with the employer and get a feel for the place and the role. You’ll have a chance to meet some of the team, and you may also be asked to carry out a practical task. 

This helps them to assess your skills – not just technical skills, but soft skills like using your initiative and following instructions.

I believe that since joining the apprenticeship I have become a lot more organised in all aspects of my life. Being organised is just a normal thing to me now, putting things back as soon as I’m finished with it and things like that. I also think I’ve become a lot more independent as I’m used to a challenge and love to do more things with my family.

Jack Waltham

Laboratory Technician Apprentice

You got the job!

After an interview or trial day, hopefully you will be offered the apprenticeship.

After a few final checks, your new role will be made official. We’ll guide you through any formalities like giving notice to your current employer or college course. 

You’ll meet your Tiro tutor and the mentor you’ll be working with, who will explain how your training will be delivered and get you all set up. 

Congratulations, you’re ready to start! 

You’ll begin your new role and start gaining hands-on experience with your new team. And we’ll check in regularly to make sure things are OK, and to deliver your course.

Or… better luck next time

Remember that apprenticeships are competitive, so not everyone can be successful the first time. If you’re not eligible or don’t get the job this time, don’t worry. Whatever stage of the process, we’ll give you some useful feedback and advise you on how to improve, ready for the next opportunity. 

Where possible we’ll consider you for any future opportunities that arise with Tiro’s employers. 

Of course, Tiro is just one possible route to finding a suitable apprenticeship. It’s always a good idea to keep looking elsewhere, like the government’s ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ service.

What our apprentices have to say

"With all the knowledge I have gained through Tiro and KEVICC, I believe that I can take on any challenges I face. "

Patrisia Hincheva Laboratory Technician Apprentice - King Edward VI Community College

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