Level 3 Science Manufacturing Technician

Science Manufacturing Technicians are versatile and skilled professionals who bring value to a wide range of industries, including chemical, composite manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biotechnology, and nuclear manufacturing. They are the masterminds behind the smooth operation of production systems and equipment.

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Level 3

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2 Years

What is a science manufacturing technician?

The Science Manufacturing Technician has been developed in partnership with leading organisations in the manufacturing industry to address a skills shortage in the sector.  

An apprenticeship on the Science Manufacturing Technician programme is a step towards a rewarding career in manufacturing. You could find yourself manufacturing vaccines and healthcare products, polymers, paints and coatings, cement, or even working in the food sector.  

Skilled Science Manufacturing Technicians are there to operate the systems and equipment involved in the production of products. You’ll ensure that every task is performed safely, and in line with industry guidelines and standards.

What will I learn?

This programme is designed to enable existing team members or new recruits to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to fulfil this vital role.

You’ll become a highly skilled professional, developing a deep understanding of the principles of operation in a science manufacturing environment. You’ll learn how to start-up, operate, and shut down a manufacturing process both independently and as part of a team, while ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures, health and safety regulations, and quality standards.

You’ll learn to control and monitor processes and equipment, complete documentation, and participate in continuous performance improvement.

In addition to technical skills, you’ll learn a range of interpersonal skills, including effective communication, teamwork, independent thinking, time management, and the ability to handle change. You’ll understand the importance of your role in the organisation and operating ethically and with integrity at all times.

What next?

Apprentices will also achieve a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Processing Industries Operations. This programme is also a route to becoming a Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) through an appropriate industry body. 

Successful apprentices can often find themselves fast-tracked into senior Manufacturing and Operator roles, or into Management. Or they might go on to our higher level apprenticeship.

Course modules

Module 1
Health & Safety

You'll start by learning how to work safely and discover regulations specific to your organisation.

Module 2
Your Company, Communication and Teamwork

You'll become more familiar with your organisation. You'll carry out research tasks and communicate with colleagues to gather the information.

Module 3
Process Operations

You'll gain knowledge and skills within the start-up, operational and shutdown processes within the manufacturing line, along with process control, handover and process specific safety.

Module 4
Problem Solving and Error Reporting

In this module, you'll learn all about different types of problem-solving approaches and their application to your workplace. You'll also learn about the importance of error reporting and its role in problem solving and quality centric processes.

Module 5
Documents and Records

You'll learn all about the importance of document control and record keeping, including the use of job cards, engineering drawings or batch manufacturing records.

Module 6

You'll master maintenance requirements within the manufacturing environment, including serviceability and calibration.

Module 7
Quality Procedures

Here you'll discover the quality requirements both internally and externally to your organisation and how these requirements lead to reliable and accurate manufacturing work within your organisation.

Module 8
Environmental Management

You'll learn how your work impacts the local and wider environment, looking at resource efficiency within the organisation to reduce the environmental impact of your work.

Module 9
End Point Assessment

In the final three months you'll prepare and undertake an end-point assessment.

Module 1

Fats, carbs and proteins.
Nucleic acids.
Cell structure.
Membrane transport.
Organic exchange.
Mass transport.
DNA, genes and protein synthesis.
Genetic diversity.

Module 2

Atomic structure.
Quantities of matter.
Organic chemistry.
Organic analysis.

Module 3

Atoms, radioactivity, electrons and electronics.
Practical physics.
Forces, motion, pressure and energy.
Thermal physics.
Properties of waves.
Magnets and currents.

Module 4
Environmental Science

The living environment.
Impact to the environment.
Global environment.
Monitoring the environment.
Environmental science in the media.

Module 5

A brief history.
Concrete standards and safe usage.
Concrete strength.
Concrete deterioration.
Concrete additions.
Mix design.

Module 6

Introduction and overview.
Igneous petrology.
Structural geology.

Hear from current apprentices

"With all the knowledge I have gained through Tiro and KEVICC, I believe that I can take on any challenges I face. "

Patrisia Hincheva Laboratory Technician Apprentice - King Edward VI Community College

What makes this programme great?

Here are a few reasons why our programmes are unique

  • Expert Tutors – our training team has real-world Science and Technology experience, academic qualifications up to PhD level, and a wealth of teaching expertise.
  • Science and Technology through and through – our employers work on everything from earthworks to networks, and from cancerous cells to concrete.
  • Flexible – our learning programmes are built with employers, for employers. They’re modularised and flexible, to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need. And all the training is delivered through a flexible mix of online and on-site training.
  • Apprentices you need, when you need them – we understand businesses resourcing needs won’t stick to anyone else’s schedule. We don’t work to arbitary start dates around the academic calendar or tax years. We’ll find and start your apprentices on programme whenever you need them.

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