Tiro’s Social Value Statement

Published 2nd May 2024

Tiro’s Social Value Statement

Tiro’s vision is to build a better world through science and technology education. The company operates on a shared value model, where economic and societal benefits go hand in hand. By helping apprentices develop the essential skills for thriving science and technology industries now and in the future, we help fuel business growth, prepare our learners for lifelong career success and help boost the UK’s competitiveness on a global scale.

We offer a range of science and technology programmes from Level 3 to Degree Apprenticeship, including Laboratory Technician, Science Manufacturing, Data Analyst and ICT.

As the number one provider of science apprenticeships, we bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms and the practical demands of the workplace. This means that without fail, our employers are amazed by the impact our apprentices make, and how quickly.

Tiro’s ambition is to be a pacesetter, applying the latest techniques and technologies to forge new ways of learning at work – creating a new generation of scientists who are independent problem solvers and are constantly learning.

Our stakeholders encompass a diverse range of individuals and organisations invested in the future of science and tech. Our customers break down into non-levy paying employers – generally smaller businesses – which represent 42% of our base, and 58% generally larger levy paying businesses. This balance means Tiro is more likely than the average provider to support the SME employer base, which makes up more than 99% of all businesses by number. Meanwhile, of the large employers, 15% are FTSE All-Share, further demonstrating the reach and impact our apprentices have.


The Future of Science and Technology Starts Here

Science and technology are the industries that will help us meet the challenges of the present and future. From tackling the climate crisis, to improving health outcomes and boosting economic growth so that more of us can have a high quality of life, the nation’s success is propelled by developments.

To navigate these opportunities we need a skilled and adaptable workforce. At Tiro, we believe in empowering the next generation of talent to lead the way, shaping the future of the UK – and indeed the wider world – by fuelling positive change. Whether that’s supporting the creation of new medicines, infrastructure, products or other technologies.

At Tiro, we aim to do more than just develop skills; we are catalysts for change. By nurturing talent, we invest in the UK’s future prosperity and keep businesses equipped with the knowledge and skills to compete.

Tiro operates as a shared value model, working in a way that realises tripartite value for society, employers and apprentices. The acquisition of skills and knowledge enable apprentices to develop their careers, which in turn supports the development, growth, productivity and profitability of their employers. This in turn contributes to local, regional and national economic growth.

Our measure of success lies in our ability to address critical skills gaps, bolstering the economy and enhancing competitiveness. By encouraging early career talent to explore apprenticeship opportunities in science and tech roles, recognising their pivotal role in economic growth and technological advancement, we are empowering the next generation of innovators and industry leaders. But beyond that, apprenticeships also play a role in helping those already part of the way through their career to retrain for future success – adding wider economic value too.


Increasing profitability and productivity

Through tailored training and mentorship programmes, apprenticeships not only equip individuals with essential skills but also help make organisations more efficient – bringing in new ways of doing things and challenging companies to do better. In turn, this drives enhanced profitability and productivity within the science and technology industries – and supports succession planning. The impact of apprenticeships on the bottom line is evident. A 2022 analysis of the current English model of apprenticeships tells us that apprentices are projected to add £7bn to the economy by the end of 2029, based on an initial training investment of £2bn – representing a remarkable 300% return on investment. This highlights the significant economic benefits that apprenticeships bring, not just for individuals but for the economy as a whole.


Helping to keep the UK attractive for science investment

By fostering a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, apprenticeship programmes – including those run by Tiro – create a ripple effect that ultimately enhances the UK’s attractiveness for international investment. A robust talent pool in critical science and technology industries signals to potential investors a nation equipped to drive innovation and compete in the global knowledge economy. This translates to a more reliable business environment, fostering confidence in the long-term success of business and organisations. Additionally, a skilled workforce empowers businesses to develop and commercialise cutting-edge technologies, further solidifying the UK’s reputation as a global leader in the sector, attracting further investment in research and development.

Ultimately, by nurturing a thriving apprenticeship ecosystem, the UK strengthens its position as a desirable destination for investment, paving the way for a more prosperous and globally competitive future. And with life sciences alone contributing £108bn annually to the UK economy, the rewards on offer speak for themselves.


Creating a more diverse science workforce

Tiro apprenticeships go beyond boosting the economy – they also play a role in getting candidates from a range of backgrounds into the sciences. We actively encourage participation from underrepresented groups, recognising their valuable perspectives and talent.

Contributing towards creating a more diverse workforce isn’t just the right thing to do, it also offers tangible financial benefits. Research proves that diverse teams are more creative, make better decisions and ultimately drive business results. By removing the financial barriers that exist to accessing further or higher education via universities, we empower individuals from all backgrounds to contribute their unique ideas and experiences, enriching companies and helping them to think differently. What’s more, 29% of Tiro apprentices are women, compared with 18% of apprentices across IT, Science & Engineering programmes in the 2022/23 academic year. While there is clearly more work to be done, we are continually working to help redress current gender imbalances in the science and technology industries.

Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in shaping a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, empowering UK businesses to compete effectively on the global stage. In today’s fast paced and fiercely competitive market, the ability to access and retain skilled workers is paramount for sustaining a competitive edge. This approach fuels economic growth, particularly within the UK science and tech industries, ensuring their continued leadership in driving up prosperity and ultimately, living standards.



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