The Tiro Process

Here’s a look at a typical journey for ambitious employers

Discovery Consultation

  • We’ll spend time with you and your top team to understand your long term goals and aspirations. We want to know what’s keeping you up at night and what your audacious plans are so we can understand how best to partner with you to bring long-term shared value.

Customer Onboarding

  • We want to feel like an extension of your team, working in true collaboration with you.
  • The start of any long term relationship is about getting to know each other and agreeing how we’ll work together. We’ll spend time with you to understand how we’re going to work together and getting to know each other.
  • Part of this discussion will include co-creating a resourcing campaign that’s a potent combination of your culture, values and ways of working, combined with our expertise of sourcing top apprenticeship talent.


The Resourcing Experience



  • The period of time between offer and your new apprentices starting with you can be an odd time for both sides. We believe providing an extraordinary pre-boarding experience can make a huge difference in helping new starters settle into their roles and learning quickly. 
  • We’ll keep in touch with both you and your apprentices during this time, helping you all to get ready for the remarkable journey that’s about to start.
  • Our Student Services Team will guide you through the apprenticeship enrolment process to ensure your apprentices are set up for success. They’ll make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed to ensure compliance with all the appropriate regulations and funding arrangements.

Initial Assessment 

  • In order to support you in developing the induction and work-based learning aspects of the apprenticeship, we’ll organise an Initial Assessment Meeting between your apprentices, mentors and our dedicated industry-expert Tutor, who’ll be supporting you all through this incredible journey.
  • The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other and understand any prior knowledge, skills or behaviour that need to be taken into consideration for the training we deliver and how you structure your work based learning and induction training.


Let’s get learning!  

Your Client Relationship Manager will meet with you after the first 5 weeks to see how things are going. Your apprentices will start their learning journey through a combination of the work-based learning and training you’ll provide and our training input through ‘live’ online sessions, coaching 1-1 s and setting of assignments. Remember – we come to you, your apprentices will not need to leave site.


With Tiro’s help, we hired our first ever cohort of apprentice materials technicians. They also upskilled existing staff using nationally recognised NVQs. And they trained our existing staff to mentor the apprentices, which has been really energising for the whole team.

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