Science Apprenticeships

These programmes are based on modules, each developed by our specialist tutors.

You will be guided through several core modules to build the knowledge, skills and behaviours you’ll need in your role. You can then bolt-on one or more optional modules. These allow you and your employer to tailor the programme to your areas of interest, depending on your role and industry sector.

The modules you take will determine the length of your apprenticeship programme, as well as your final qualification.

My apprenticeship will help me with this as it is providing me with the knowledge I require to progress in the scientific community. It also boosts my confidence and teaches me how to interact with people as a professional, as well as enabling me to learn laboratory skills along the way.

Bryony Davies

Lab Technician

Daniel Whitehead – Laboratory Technician Apprentice

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Fern Hutton – Laboratory Technician

I have always had an interest in science, and I studied Biology at A-Level. As someone who is naturally curious, it made sense for me to pursue my interest and turn it into a career.

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Gregory Prieto – Laboratory Technician Apprentice

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