AF Fasteners

Employer Case Study

Published 24th June 2023

The apprenticeship programme has been a success story for AF Fasteners.

We’ve struggled to grow and retain new skill.  The apprenticeship programme has allowed us to attract young, local talent with an eagerness to learn.

Tiro have been nurturing towards our apprentices and guided them through the process with care.

At the same time Tiro have been quick to escalate any concerns that, as an employer, we could have missed.

This gave us a vital and early opportunity to address any shortfalls as they occur and avoid any longer term problems.

Good employers look to benefit their businesses by investing in the future, the best way to ensure development is through training and education.

We’ve gained great satisfaction in the journey in developing young minds to succeed in engineering, seeing the individual grow and develop potential for more.

Within 5 years we expect our skill level to have developed to a world class fastener manufacturer throughout.

"With all the knowledge I have gained through Tiro and KEVICC, I believe that I can take on any challenges I face. "

Patrisia Hincheva Laboratory Technician Apprentice - King Edward VI Community College

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