Michael Graysmark


Michael is a Science Tutor for Tiro, supporting apprentices across a range of programmes.

Michael started their career in Science and Engineering through an apprenticeship as a level 3 laboratory technician and has a cumulative eight years of experience supporting laboratory teaching and research in the field of materials science and engineering, with a focus on analysis, characterisation, and mechanical testing of polymers and metals. Michael additionally has experience in Health and Safety management, utilising their NEBOSH Certificate and years of experience in designing and implementing good H&S practice in a rage of laboratories and plant areas.

As an associate fellow of the Higher Education Authority, Michael is committed to delivering transformational learning experiences for those with an interest in Science and Engineering and takes great enjoyment from helping other learn more about the world around them and getting excited about science. Having been an adult learner, a distance learner, and a lover of self-directed learning, Michael takes pride in working with apprentices and learners who hungrily seek self-improvement and pursue their interests.

In their spare time Michael enjoys making music, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, travelling to new places, making terrible puns, and furthering their own studies.

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