Is an apprentice right for you?

However big or small your organisation, apprenticeships are a brilliant way to plug any skills gaps and grow your business.

Tiro delivers science and technology apprenticeships with a wide range of businesses, from micro-employers through to international blue-chip organisations. But not every employer makes the cut.  

We believe that apprenticeships are a two-way street. Your apprentice must have a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed. In turn, you’ll sate their curiosity and nurture their potential.

Are you ready to take on an apprentice? 

It’s really important to have buy-in from the very top of an organisation to ensure a successful apprenticeship programme. This can be a challenge for some large employers.

Another deciding factor is having the right staff available to mentor and support your apprentices, which some smaller companies find tough.

Every business is different, so the only way to know for sure is to talk to the team at Tiro.

We’ll get you ready… 

At Tiro, we have years of experience, so we understand what creates the ideal conditions for bringing on apprentices. All of our programmes can be tailored to fit your organisation and the way you work, for the best possible chance of success. 

Together, we’ll explore whether it’s right for you, right now. And if not, we help you to make the necessary changes to get you ready. 

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to develop their capacity to take on apprentices and make the most of them. That might mean helping you to demonstrate the value of apprentices internally, to gain the buy-in you need. Or we can help get you ready for mentoring apprentices, by recruiting or training the right people in your team. Whatever your obstacles, we’ve probably seen them – and solved them – before.

There are remarkable apprentices out there just waiting to be found…

Speak to Tiro’s Business Development Team, who will be happy to discuss how apprenticeships can work for your business.

“It’s vital that apprenticeships have backing from the very top of the organisation. There was a lot of work involved in persuading senior management to back the scheme, but it’s paying dividends now. It makes a big difference when apprentices know the company is determined for them to succeed.”

Graham Booker, Lead Materials Engineer at Balfour Beatty

“74% of employers say that apprentices improved products or service quality, and 78% say that they improved productivity. Apprentices become highly skilled even before they finish their training”

National Apprenticeship Service | 2018

“Apprenticeships in general are really good but the company being supportive is really important. It’s important that they see you as an asset to develop into the future and not just someone that can work for a low apprenticeship wage. Balfour Beatty treated me like more than just an apprentice.”

Dan Gardner, Materials Technician Apprentice | Balfour Beatty

“73% of employers say that staff morale is improved by having apprentices”

National Apprenticeship Service | 2018