‘Time to deal with the growing gap between what employers want and schools offer’

Published 14th December 2015

As roles rapidly change in the workplace, how much career advice is already redundant at the point of delivery, asks former head Peter Tait.

As the Government continues its campaign to convert all our schools into academies, (and can we please then call them all ‘schools’ again?) there is a growing realisation that more than a name change is needed to deal with the growing gap between what schools are offering and what employers are saying that they require from their staff.

In this ever-changing battleground between the present and future, few areas of instruction in our schools are as important as the career advice we give to the young.

Society has become used to statements about schools having to prepare children for jobs that don’t yet exist, or the challenge posed to educators by the exponential growth of knowledge, particularly in the fields of technology and nanotechnology, on what content to keep and what to discard.

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