‘Teacher shortage means pupils have to travel miles for lessons’

Published 7th January 2016

Primary school pupils are being forced to travel six miles for their English and Maths lessons as the school finds it hard to recruit a full-time teacher.

After failing to fill the numeracy and literacy post after a teacher left last summer, Easington Primary in East Yorkshire took on a supply staff member.

But the stand in, who had been expected to stay until July, left at the end of last year.

Faced without a teacher for their year five and six pupils, the school arranged for a minibus to take pupils to nearby Patrington Primary for maths and English lessons between 9.15am and 12pm each day.

The 21 pupils eat lunch at Patrington before making the 15-minute journey back to the remote village of Easington.

Both schools are part of the same academy trust and share one headteacher.

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