Is now the right time to take on an apprentice?

Published 24th February 2021

On the face of it, you might think not. But we would ask of any business, what are your plans and where are you headed? If there is growth on the horizon then now is the time to plan effectively, develop your resources, and be ready to meet it.

Together with you, once we, as your advisers, understand what the next steps are for your business and where the skills gaps may be, then we can help you plan for the future. Taking on apprentices not only offers a life-changing role but might make more financial sense as part of a plan for future growth. There may be some restrictions on what can be achieved during lockdown depending on working environments and social distancing, but a lot of our specialist STEM apprenticeships are working ‘as normal’ as can be.

Apprenticeships are more about the right person for the right role and less about the right time. They are earnt not given and can bring enormous benefit, support and sustainability to companies who might be concerned about the future.

You can rest assured that with Tiro, once we know your circumstances, we are only going to recommend taking on an apprentice if we see long-term benefits from everyone; win-win.

Apprenticeships during Lockdown: A brief case study

Tiro itself is made up of over 50% apprentices, they are studying to better their professional careers and skills. We effectively walk-the-talk as we are a high-growth business that needs to develop talent. Our apprentices are highly engaged employees and motivated to improve and progress, this was demonstrated during the first lockdown where the sales department were furloughed but continued to study and stayed engaged with the business through choice. They report that having the time to focus on linking theory to practice whilst furloughed has been a significant factor in returning to work with a greater insight and energy.

Our head of sales Jay Crabb undertook the Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship alongside his team, he comments “I have a renewed outlook on sales being very bitten by the Miller Heiman approach to consultative sales taught by Patricia Seabright.”



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