‘Sir Michael Wilshaw: End apprenticeships for making coffee and cleaning floors’

Published 19th October 2015

Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw is expected to criticise apprenticeship providers who accredit low level skills.

Apprenticeships are being awarded for “low-level” skills like making coffee and mopping floors, the head of Ofsted is expected to say this week.

The Government has committed to delivering three million apprenticeships in the next five years, but chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw will accuse employers and providers of wasting taxpayer money on poor quality qualifications.

Learners are not being stretched by low-level apprenticeships, which are especially common in service jobs like retail and care, according to an Ofsted report.

Unscrupulous providers are accrediting skills like making coffee and cleaning floors, with some recruits unaware they are even on an apprenticeship programme.

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