Max Price

Materials Techncian Apprentice | Balfour Beatty

I’m Max and I’m 22 years old, from London and I am in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship. I work on the Thames Tideway project as a materials technician apprentice, this role involves testing a number of different materials in a laboratory environment. Materials include aggregate and various different designs of concrete.

Before I began my apprenticeship I was at a Rugby academy and studying sports science alongside it, also I was working 2 part-time jobs as a rugby coach and event security. 

I had previously completed an apprenticeship in carpentry, I very much enjoyed the learning and working process, however, I didn’t think that the trade was for me, but I did like the construction industry. So once I was leaving the academy I decided to look for an opportunity within construction, but something a little bit more towards the engineering side of things. I stumbled across materials engineering and with little knowledge of it I applied for an apprenticeship with Balfour Beatty.

I hope to gain enough experience in my current role to help me to progress onto a different role within the same department. The engineering side of things is my biggest interest and I would very much like to work within that area of the department.

My favourite thing about my apprenticeship is learning from a wide variety of personalities within the lab and also getting valuable site experience on a huge project, which is literally changing the way London and the south will function.

My family is very supportive and happy to see me progress. When I told them about the opportunity they were very happy, they are now glad I have found a career I enjoy. My family thinks I have matured a lot and gained a massive sense of responsibility for myself and my job.

My advice to anyone thinking about starting an apprenticeship is to find something that you are interested in, don’t just jump at the first opportunity that presents itself. Also, look for an apprenticeship that presents a ladder to higher aspirations, don’t settle for mediocrity, everyone starts somewhere.