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Youthforce have traditionally recruited people into workplace training programmes across a range of sectors. In 2017, Youthforce pivoted to focus solely on STEM training programmes and since then we have developed partnerships with an array of clients from the likes of major construction companies to microbiology laboratories.

We at Youthforce are all too aware of the widening skills gap in the STEM sectors and the strain this can place on a business. In this context, ensuring you hire the right person is imperative, especially in a competitive market, but with this said we understand that hiring cannot come at any cost! 

We have devised a recruitment solution that meets your need for the right candidate whilst managing the cost to your business. Youthforce are passionate about providing value and leaving a positive lasting impression on clients and candidates alike, and it’s this passion that will help us design and deliver a cost-effective recruitment solution that culminates in your business gaining an employee that will help in driving your business forward. 

This is Youthforce’s advertising-only recruitment service, designed to reduce the stresses and struggles of recruitment at the front-end. Wading through swathes of CVs, discerning which are and which aren’t suitable can be something of a slog! With guidance from you at the beginning, we will remove this time-consuming element of the recruitment process and handle the advertising, pre-screening and shortlist creation parts of the recruitment process, the result of which will be a shortlist of qualified candidates ready for you to interview.


Recruitment Services 

1. Specialist recruiters – Youthforce offer STEM-specific recruitment expertise, having designed and delivered many a recruitment campaign from consultation to placement. In our experience, adopting a simple, communicative approach as well as investing time to get to know your business, is the best method to get you the result you want. 

2. Advertising campaign – Youthforce will co-ordinate an advertising campaign to attract the most relevant talent. A campaign may include job description key word optimisation and analysis, creation of mobile friendly adverts, publishing adverts on platform likely to offer greatest yield of suitable candidates, leveraging Youthforce’s social media team to maximise the role’s exposure, and more. 

3. Pre-screening of all CVs – with a background in training, Youthforce are wedded to the idea of equality. As such, every CV that we receive in response to an advert will be considered on its merit. No stone, or CV, is left unturned! 

4. Telephone interviews – once we have reviewed CVs, we then begin contacting those with the most relevant CVs. Telephone interviews are our bread and butter at Youthforce, and we have years’ worth of experience in asking the right questions to get to the crux of somebody’s interest. 

5. Shortlist creation and CV submission – a shortlist of the most relevant candidates will be compiled ready for submission straight to your inbox. All shortlisted CVs will be uniformly formatted and presented with a truthful and fair synopsis of each candidate. 

6. Candidate and account management – Youthforce take great pride in offering both candidates and clients a great experience. We believe in open and transparent communication throughout the process. We are able to schedule interviews, prepare candidates for interview, as well as manage their feedback throughout the process up until offer acceptance. It doesn’t end there, however! We will manage candidates throughout their notice period to provide them with a reference point and manage their expectations throughout the notice period. 

We can apply this process to two different types of recruitment, depending on which best meets your needs. 





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