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2 years

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In collaboration with industry trailblazers, our Science Manufacturing Technician program is tailored for arenas like vaccine production, healthcare products, polymers, paints, coatings, cement, and the food industry. Delve deep into the workings of production systems, championing both safety and industry benchmarks. Equip yourself to stand out in the multifaceted world of manufacturing.”



Discover the Role: Science Manufacturing Technician

This programme is designed to enable existing team members or new recruits to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to fulfil this vital role.

Our program is your gateway to mastering the essential skills and knowledge required for this pivotal role. By the end, you’ll be a highly skilled professional with a deep understanding of science manufacturing principles. You’ll learn to independently and collaboratively manage production processes, ensuring strict adherence to operating procedures, safety protocols, and quality standards.

We’ll also equip you with valuable interpersonal skills, from effective communication and teamwork to independent thinking and time management. As part of our program, you’ll grasp the significance of your role within the organization, emphasizing ethical conduct and unwavering integrity.

What next:

Unlock Your Potential: Achieve a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Processing Industries Operations, and pave the way to becoming a Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) through industry recognition.

Our program doesn’t just prepare you; it propels you into promising career paths. Successful apprentices often leap into senior Manufacturing and Operator roles or transition into Management. The journey doesn’t stop here; consider advancing to our higher-level apprenticeship as you embark on your remarkable manufacturing career.

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