Our Trainers


Our trainers are central to ensuring our courses are of the highest quality and provide a positive learning experience for all those who take part.

Evaluations show that 96% of our apprentices rate their trainer as ‘excellent’. All of our trainers possess the qualities and skills we believe are vital to our success in delivering high-quality training and positive learning experience.


They include:

– Experience from the field as practitioners and managers
– Exceptional skills in facilitating learning
– Creativity, energy and enthusiasm – our trainers are also passionate about their subjects
– An inclusive and participatory approach that makes the training personal and dynamic

In addition, all of our trainers hold relevant professional qualifications and a current enhanced CRB check. All of our trainers are covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Youthforce is committed to supporting our trainers’ continued professional development through various means including:

– Hosting regular workshops, meetings and master classes for our trainers
– Mentoring and supervision
– Offering training and development opportunities
– Supporting trainers to undertake teaching qualifications

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Dale Simmonds
Thank you for all the hard work and time you have invested in me this year, Helena is truly one of the best educators I have had the pleasure of meeting and your love for work is there for all to see!
Kerry Gibson
An absolutely amazing experience with an amazing tutor to go with it. I’ve had times where I thought I wasn’t going to make it all the way through but thanks to the support from my team and especially Carolyn – I got through with it – with flying colours!
Staci Edwards
What you did for me and how you dealt with me today it really don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated, there needs to be more people in the world like you that take the time to listen and sit and talk through problems. I panic loads and today was the calmest I could have been and that’s thanks to you because you take the time and sit with me where others in the past would brush me off and couldn’t care less if I failed. You’re amazing Helena, you’re amazing at what you do you and all that you do for all of us! You’re so appreciated! Thank you again!

Jack Wilson
Couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable tutor to help me through the course and always on hand to provide support, information and advice to me and my employer.