Science Technician Apprentice

The Howard school of Effingham

Effingham, KT24 5JR

Working for The Howard school of Effingham
Three Rivers Academy opened the doors of the new state of the art school building to staff and students in February 2018 amongst a hub of excitement. The high-quality, spacious accommodation, including the amazing sport, drama, dance and music facilities, will inspire 21st century learning and allow students to continue to perform at the highest level.
What it’s like working in this role

In this role your goal will be working with the laboratory team where you will receive, prepare, and partially analyse samples for a range of analytical testing. You will be trained in how to work safely in a quality-controlled laboratory with support from your mentor, whilst maintaining excellent housekeeping and in accordance with Health and Safety, environment, and risk management systems.

The Science Technician Apprentice will work and train as part of a team of technicians servicing laboratories, preparing materials and equipment for demonstrations and practical lessons as requested by teaching staff.

What could the future look like?

Tiro and The Howard school of Effingham’s goal is to transform you into a fully competent laboratory technician, ideally open to accepting a full-time, permanent position within the team.



Whilst previous experience is great, we at Tiro are always open to wildcards. We’re not just interested in experience and qualifications, we’re looking for someone with the right attitude and aptitude to fit right in at The Howard school of Effingham.


It’s about enthusiasm, not school results. In our experience the most successful apprentices are those who have drive to find out more about the sector, can be up front about what they do and don’t already know, are considerate, self-reflective and impatient to learn the job role!

Skills and characteristics

We're looking for someone who LOVES talking with others and has IMPRESSIVE communication skills. We’re looking for someone who is driven and determined to get what they want. You’ll need to show you can be thorough, obsessive and have strong attention to detail. You’ll have a naturally enquiring mind and be digitally savvy. We’re looking for someone whose fearless. You’ll be brave enough to be yourself, with enough self-confidence to be able to communicate with a range of people and can adapt your approach to influence others.

To succeed in this apprenticeship, you’ll need bags of enthusiasm, be a fantastic collaborator and be hungry to learn!

Even if this doesn’t sound quite like you, but you still think you could do a great job in the role, get in touch. We’re always open to wildcards.


Ability to drive would be preferable.

So how does the apprenticeship work?

At Tiro we’re obsessed with changing lives through science and technology apprenticeships so we can’t wait to have you on board.

Over 21 months, you’ll devote 20% of your time to working towards a Level 3 Laboratory Technician apprenticeship. You’ll be trained by an expert tutor from Tiro as well as an experienced mentor at The Howard school of Effingham who together, will make sure you develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits you’ll need to succeed in your career. The best part? You’ll be earning while you learn.

Being an apprentice is hands-on, so you’ll get the chance to learn things you might otherwise not have experienced in a university or college environment.

Not ready to apply yet?

Drop us a message and we’ll answer any questions you might have

Role overview

Wage: 16-17 £12,006 / 18+ £15,267

Hours per week: 36 hours per week / 39 weeks per year

Length: 21 months

Required: Candidates must display an eagerness to learn and are willing to be pro-active

City: Effingham, KT24 5JR