7 Key Qualities Employers Look For In A Lab Tech Apprentice

Employers want you to have certain qualities, regardless of what your chosen career might be. These 7 key qualities can help you when completing your apprenticeship application with Tiro, during your interview with your employer, and throughout your lab technician apprenticeship itself.

1. You LOVE all things science or tech

What’s the single most important thing you can show to an employer? A genuine interest in the industry and a natural hunger for science or technology.

Knowing and being able to explain exactly why you want the apprenticeship, apart from it being paid and a good start to your career. It’s therefore worth spending some time thinking about why this is the right industry for you. Researching the company and what the scheme will involve is just as important as if you were applying for the second, third or fourth job in your career.

Employers are looking for apprentices to lead businesses in the future so it’s important that apprentices want to truly work in the industry.

2. You’re driven

Every employer wants to hire someone who’ll really make the most of their time with them. Proving that you’re driven and self-motivated will put you in a strong position.

Remember that during your apprenticeship, you can find numerous ways to grow your role and help add value to your company. Look for additional programmes you can join from the the Industry Apprentice Council or joining the STEM Ambassador programme.

3. You’re determined to get what you want

Completing a science and tech apprenticeship is all about learning about the industry while also learning about yourself.

The most successful apprentices are those who’ve taken all the knowledge they’ve gained and put it to practical use. If you’re willing to learn and are determined to develop your skills, then you’ll go far.

4. You’re a little bit obsessive

Whether you’re a scientific laboratory technician performing complex analytical processes in the lab or running/ maintaining factory equipment – you’ll need to show you can be thorough, obsessive and have strong attention to detail and observational skills.

Part of your job will be to maintain accurate and clear documentation that proves that the testing is being carried out in accordance with regulations. You’ll have to record-keep, use basic maths and computing skills – and it’s important you have excellent attention to detail so that you can record everything accurately.

5. You’ll have a naturally enquiring mind

Perhaps you didn’t hear much about the importance of cultivating an inquisitive mind when you were in school or in previous jobs. You were probably told to follow a certain curriculum with no questions asked. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to accepting things as they are, without asking the vital question; why?

However, having an inquisitive mind or curiosity can assist you in your career just like any other skill. This is because as well as being able to handle data accurately, you will also need to analyse and interpret the results of routine and complex tests and pick up abnormalities.

6. You’re fearless

Having enough self-confidence is not always easy but you need to remember that you have what it takes to be successful. You’ll need to speak up when you find inconsistencies with your data so that your colleagues can see your confidence.

If you’re able to show you’re self-assured and prove yourself to your employer, you’ll make the most of your apprenticeship and hopefully have a future career in that field.

7. You’re digitally savvy

You’ll need good IT skills, as most science and tech apprenticeships are computerised. The good news is most young people looking for their first jobs have inherent digital expertise.

You’ve grown up in the digital world so many tools and tech are second nature to you. Now is the time to capitalise on these skills and show potential employers just how valuable your digital skills can be.

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